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ANECCC is the regional association for motor sport clubs in the area; co-ordinating events, running championships and is a line of communication between clubs and Motorsport UK

Ronnie Sandham honoured

At the recent Motorsport UK Night of Champions on 21st February 2021. There was a virtual presentation when Ronnie Sandham recent past Chairperson and former Secretary of the Association of North East and Cumbria Car Clubs was presented with the prestigious Lord Wakefield Trophy for services to motorsport by the British Women Racing Drivers Club. The Lord Wakefield Challenge Trophy is the highest accolade bestowed upon a woman for outstanding performances or services to motorsport and is presented at Motorsport UK's Night of Champions.

Ronnie commented: "Embarrassing as I don’t do it to promote me but I am honoured to be acknowledged!"

Congratulations from myself and The Association of North East and Cumbria Car Clubs.
Well done Ronnie you deserve this award for all the hard work you have put into promoting Motorsport in the North East and Cumbria and not forgetting your dedication to the Malcolm Wilson Rally.

Colin Salkeld

Katy Mashiter and Dan Curwen at Kames

Dan Curwen





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Lombard Rally Newcastle

Following the allocation of permit (no.121448) by MSUK, the organisers are now able to release more information concerning the above event.
The event is bases at Tughall Airfield (also known as Brunton) and is a stage rally demonstration day and consisting of 6 stages each of approximately 3.7 miles long. The stages are predominantly tarmac, with only one short section of about 400 metres of broken tar and gravel. There will be NO timing of the stages.
The cars eligible for the event are likely to be those reminiscent of the cars that would do the original Lombard RAC Rally and the whole event is trying to recreate the atmosphere that would have been present in those times, so you might expect to see Minis, Anglias, Cortinas, Escorts, Avengers, Imps, Mantas etc.
The first car is due to start at 9.30.a.m. with cars then starting at 30 second intervals. There is a maximum entry of 75 cars.
The stages are set out in exactly the same way as a full stage rally would be, and with all appropriate marshals, medics, rescue and recovery units in place. There are dedicated spectator areas which will be closely monitored and controlled.
All the usual facilities available at a single venue stage rally are going to be present. E.g. toilets, caterers, service areas etc.

Those looking to enter should contact Tim Nash for regulations and entry in the first instance at :-

Anyone looking to marshal should contact the chief marshal, Darren Smith at :-
darren1979smith@gmail.com or 07834 989456

Event regulations have been Issued as a Special Stage Demonstration Event and named as Lombard Rally Festival Newcastle

A FREE OFFER FROM Lombard Rally Festival Newcastle to ANECCC Clubs

Please see the following offer from Lombard Rally Festival Newcastle

A FREE OFFER FROM Lombard Rally Festival Newcastle to ANECCC Clubs

Lombard Rally Festival Newcastle is keen to promote as many of the locally based motor clubs as possible at Brunton on July 3rd 2021.

Would you be able to communicate with ANECCC club secretaries to advise them that we will make space available for an easy-up or something like that for them to display at the event.

This will of course be free of charge.

If you have any ideas for anything else that promotes the local clubs, please let me know. Contact Tim Nash [tim@lombardrallybath.co.uk]

All the Best

Tim Nash

Yorkshire Motorsport Festival - 25-27 June 2021

The Yorkshire Motorsport Festival will be held over the weekend of 25th to 27th June near Holmfirth, West Yorkshire.
The competition element will be the Wolfstones Hillclimb over a 0.8 mile closed public road to the west of Holmfirth. Friday will see Bentley's compete with two practice & two timed runs.
There are a number of 'star cars' doing demonstration runs, or on display. These include an 1930s ex-Le Mans Aston Martin team car; the 1980s
ex-Gerry Marshall Aston Martin V8; the 1970s ex-John Pope Vauxhall Viva GT Aston Martin-engined Special Saloon; an ex-works Sunbeam Tiger rally car, plus a number of others.
The weekend has mostly pre-1986 saloon & sportscars competing - again over two practice & timed runs. The exact entry will be confirmed closer to the event.
A whole array of displays & activities will support the hilllclimb, from
Hot Rods, car clubs, vintage tractors - over the hill from the David Brown factory; bulldozers & classic plant plus food & music festivals, fashion shows, shopping, kids activities & competitions.
Free camping is available for officials.
If you're volunteering for the event, please contact Chief Marshal
Karen Spencer at Karen.spencer@buccaneermsc.co.uk
or Tim Bendelow at tim62cb@gmail.com
The Yorkshire Motorsports Festival website is ymsf.net or

Competition Seats: One-year Regulation ‘Freeze’ and a new FIA Standard

MSUK Seat Extension

Motorsport UK has announced today that it has extended the validity of certain FIA-homologated competition seats by one year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Motorsport UK Board, and its Technical Committee, agreed that competitors who were unable to benefit from the full usable life of seats that expired during 2020 or 2021 will be able to use them for a further 12 months beyond the homologated life.
The calendars for Stage Rally and Rallycross have been particularly impacted and this ‘Regulation freeze’ in relation to seats will afford those competitors a grace period as motorsport gets back on track following the latest period of lockdown.
The applicable Regulations are N6.13.6.1 and R48.10.6, and the extension applies specifically as follows:
Seats with an original homologation label detailing a manufacture date during 2013, which may be used for up to 8 years from the date on that original homologation label;
Seats with a ‘Not Valid After’ date (on the original homologation label) of 2019, which may be used until 31st December 2022.
The validity dates above take into account the additional two years’ use over the FIA homologation validity already afforded to seats used in National Events in these disciplines.
The date of implementation of the above Exemption (Regulation A2.4) is immediate and will cease on 31 December 2022.

New FIA Standard – 8855-2021 – Competition Seats

Motorsport UK’s one-year extension to the validity period of competition seats has the additional benefit of allowing more time for competitors to adopt the latest FIA Standard for Competition Seats should they so wish.
The aim of this standard is to provide objective performance requirements for a new generation of competition seats, which are considerably in excess of those of FIA Standard 8855-1999, ensuring improved strength and support during rear impacts together with more extensive support to the pelvis, shoulder, and head during side impacts.
The maximum usable life of an FIA-homologated competition seat will be 10 years from the year of manufacture. Notwithstanding the “Not valid after” date, a seat involved in a serious accident should be withdrawn from service immediately.

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