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"Ian Dixon our long standing association secretary resigned from the position last night due to health reasons. Anthony Jamieson the association assistant secretary agreed to take the position of secretary of the Association. Please find Anthony details below Anthony Jamieson Telephone: 07809 659505 Email: anthony.jamieson@live.co.uk Please refer all ANECCC matters to Anthony from now on." Please amend your records to reflect this change.




To all member clubs of The Association of North East and Cumbria Car Clubs (ANECCC)

You may have seen that an event marketing company called Classic and Competition Car Events is promoting a series of events they are marketed as a tour with untimed special stages.
These events are:-

Mintex Rally Yorkshire at Church Fenton Airfield 8/9 April

Lombard Rally Festival Newcastle at Witton Castle 16 /17 July/strong>

Classic and Competition Car Events Albemarle Barracks 2/3 September/strong>

It should be made clear these event have not been granted a Motorsport UK event permit or a stage rally demonstration permit. /strong>

Our concern is that as it’s not being run under Motorsport UK regulations this poses a threat to established events should anything unfortunate happen. Events that are organised by Motorsport UK clubs are respected for their safety, good organisation, and staffing by professional volunteers, including good PR work with the local inhabitants.

I would like to strongly advise you that anyone from your club who plans to take part or be involved in any capacity at these events are made aware that they are not covered by any Motorsport UK insurance and they and their equipment are present totally at their own risk, and will not have access to Motorsport UK legal support if anything goes wrong.

If they do become involved, then it is as an individual and not as part of a Motorsport UK recognised motor club, and must not give any indication that they are there as an Motorsport UK approved official or a safety marshal or radio operator.

The following statement has been issued by Motorsport UK:-

“Only Motorsport UK events held under Organising Permit or Certificate of Exemption are covered by Motorsport UK Master Insurance Policies in respect of Public Liability and Personal Accident.
At other events not held under Motorsport UK Permits it is wise to check adequate insurance is in place to protect; drivers, entrants, passengers and officials. Motorsport UK Liability cover is up to £100,000,000 for any one accident
Motorsport UK events are also Authorised under the Motor Vehicles Off Road Events Legislation where applicable, which exempts drivers from Sections 1,2 & 3 (dangerous or careless driving) of the Road Traffic Act whilst driving within the rules of the event off the public highway.”/strong>


Colin Salkeld
Chairman ANECCC.

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ANECCC is the regional association for motor sport clubs in the area; co-ordinating events, running championships and is a line of communication between clubs and Motorsport UK

Katy Mashiter and Dan Curwen at Kames

Dan Curwen



Scrutineering Talk Thursday 11th August 2022 8:30PM



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PLEASE NOTE It is the club's responsibility to ensure its details and Delegate are kept up to date.

Competition Seats: One-year Regulation ‘Freeze’ and a new FIA Standard

MSUK Seat Extension

Motorsport UK has announced today that it has extended the validity of certain FIA-homologated competition seats by one year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Motorsport UK Board, and its Technical Committee, agreed that competitors who were unable to benefit from the full usable life of seats that expired during 2020 or 2021 will be able to use them for a further 12 months beyond the homologated life.
The calendars for Stage Rally and Rallycross have been particularly impacted and this ‘Regulation freeze’ in relation to seats will afford those competitors a grace period as motorsport gets back on track following the latest period of lockdown.
The applicable Regulations are N6.13.6.1 and R48.10.6, and the extension applies specifically as follows:
Seats with an original homologation label detailing a manufacture date during 2013, which may be used for up to 8 years from the date on that original homologation label;
Seats with a ‘Not Valid After’ date (on the original homologation label) of 2019, which may be used until 31st December 2022.
The validity dates above take into account the additional two years’ use over the FIA homologation validity already afforded to seats used in National Events in these disciplines.
The date of implementation of the above Exemption (Regulation A2.4) is immediate and will cease on 31 December 2022.

New FIA Standard – 8855-2021 – Competition Seats

Motorsport UK’s one-year extension to the validity period of competition seats has the additional benefit of allowing more time for competitors to adopt the latest FIA Standard for Competition Seats should they so wish.
The aim of this standard is to provide objective performance requirements for a new generation of competition seats, which are considerably in excess of those of FIA Standard 8855-1999, ensuring improved strength and support during rear impacts together with more extensive support to the pelvis, shoulder, and head during side impacts.
The maximum usable life of an FIA-homologated competition seat will be 10 years from the year of manufacture. Notwithstanding the “Not valid after” date, a seat involved in a serious accident should be withdrawn from service immediately.

A message to all Motor Clubs from MotorsportUK

Following the tragic passing of a valued member of our motorsport community, Robert Foote, last weekend, there have been many messages and acts of respect to recognise Robert and all those who volunteer for our sport.
To continue these messages of support, we would like to encourage all clubs to hold a minute’s silence at noon on Saturday 07 August. We welcome clubs to follow this moment of remembrance by a round of applause to honour Robert and show support for all those affected by the incident.
Please share any video or images taken during the silence with us, and we will share them across our channels during the coming weeks.
For those clubs who already have something planned, thank you, we all recognise the importance of our marshalling community and know we cannot do it without you. You make the sport happen.
Kind regards,
Motorsport UK

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